OMBA Bike Patrol

Welcome to OMBA's mountain bike patrol area! Most riders and visitors to Santos typically do not realize that OMBA has a highly dedicated all-volunteer bike patrol organization that rides the trails working hard to ensure our visitors and riders have a great experience. The patroller's role is providing education in proper trail usage and etiquette, assist in emergencies and mechanical breakdowns as well as help maintain the trails.

Every patroller is certified in basic first-aid as well as by the National Mountain Bike Patrol (NMBP) which is part of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA).

The program is part of a nation-wide network of over 600 individual patrollers and over 70 patrol groups world wide. Support for the patrol group is primarily funded through volunteer hours. Of course donations are always welcome! With over 40 bike patrollers within the OMBA bike patrol family, you are sure to see them out on the trail. When you do, make certain to say Hi. You will recognize them by the bright red bike jersey and the large letters spelling out Bike Patrol!

NMBP recognizes two member types: Bike Patroller and Trail Ambassadors. Both of these riders share in the education and promote responsible mountain biking on the trails, but only the Bike Patroller is certified in basic First Aid skills.

If you need help, what can you expect? The patroller can and will provide the the types of services listed below, but please note that we are NOT an enforcement organization.

If you would more information on the program you may send an email request to the OMBA bike patrol coordinator or check out the following sites: